Nobody on earth can absolutely claim to guarantee 1st place organic results on Google, and frankly, you shouldn’t trust anybody who does.

Google, and other search engines, change their algorithm and ranking signal too often for anybody to always have a handle on them. Not to mention the fact that your competitors are also always optimising in order to out-perform you.

SEO needs to be an ongoing process, for the exact reason that everything is always changing. And what put you on the first page today, might not keep you there tomorrow.

The SEO Results Promise

We can’t guarantee you first place on Google. We can’t even guarantee first page, although we’re usually pretty confident that we can achieve it.

What we do promise is that if you use SEO Results for your search engine optimisation, your rankings will improve for the keywords that are important to your business. They might improve slowly, they might improve quickly, they might fluctuate every now and then, but we know that we can improve your rankings for those keywords. And if we don’t, we’ll give you your money back.

By The Way

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