Most companies will tell you that the difference between Google AdWords, and search engine optimisation, is that AdWords is paid advertising, while SEO isn’t. That’s not strictly true though.

While you’re not paying Google for SEO, optimising your site for search engines still requires work, which usually means paying. You need to make changes to your site, and build credibility in order to improve your rankings, and optimise for search engines. And the best SEO strategy is an on-going one, because search engines are constantly changing, and your competitors are optimising too.

Combine SEO & AdWords

We believe that every business should practice a combination of both Google AdWords, and search engine optimisation. It’s just not possible to optimise for every keyword, and some keywords of course, are just not worth optimising for.

For example, if a keyword only has 100 searches a month for it, the cost to advertise on Google is R1 per click, and 10% of searchers clicked on your ad, then that word would only cost you R10 a month to advertise for. If that’s the case, then it’s not worth spending the money to optimise your site for that keyword.

Why Choose SEO?

One of the best reasons to optimise for important keywords is that you’ll receive more visitors from organic rankings than you will from Google AdWords. As one of only a handful of Google Certified Partners in the country, we understand that on average, only 3% of the people who see your ad will click on it.

On the other hand, a first place ranking on Google means that an average of 40% of people searching for your keyword will visit your site. And that means you’re targeting a lot more visitors.

For example, if there are 10,000 searches for your keyword, you’ll receive the following visitors:

Google AdWords – 300 visitors.
Optimised Website: – 4,000 visitors.

The Ideal Solution

The best thing to do is plan an SEO strategy around your most important keywords, and use Google Advertising to target the rest. We offer both types of services, so contact us for more information.