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Google Looking to Make More User Sign-In When Searching

It seems quite impossible that the “not provided” search terms will ever return from the dark. But now it looks like Google is pushing even harder to get users to sign in before using their search engine, making the amount of search data available out there increasingly scarce.

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Is Google Search Engine Optimization Excluding SMEs

When Google originally envisioned SEO, it was seen as the great internet equaliser. It didn’t matter how much money you had or the size of your marketing department, you still had to create a site with quality content that seemed the most relevant to search engine users.

Creating Effective Content for Organic SEO

Anyone who’s done any mild investigation into SEO has no doubt run into the mantra of content being king. We know that if you want quality organic SEO results, you need to load your site with quality value adding content.

Simple Tweaks to Your Search Engine Marketing Strategy for Laymen

Many of the tips that are given for an effective SEM strategy are often beyond the technical capabilities of a normal website owner, who perhaps just hired an SEO company to do some light optimisation.