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SEO Fundamentals That Will Always Work

Despite what you have been led to believe about optimisation, it has not experienced a complete revolution. There are still practical SEO strategies which will never go out of fashion as they serve as the most practical goals behind ranking websites in the first place.

Is Google Search Engine Optimization Excluding SMEs

When Google originally envisioned SEO, it was seen as the great internet equaliser. It didn’t matter how much money you had or the size of your marketing department, you still had to create a site with quality content that seemed the most relevant to search engine users.

New Firefox Version to Encrypt Search Terms

It’s been publicised by Mozilla (operator of Firefox) as a great leap forward in web privacy practices. The latest update to their browser included a feature that made all search terms submitted when using their browser, encrypted.

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Google Releasing Regular Update

In a practice that started only recently, (last month in fact), Google has begun releasing a regular update about the latest changes to their search engine.

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