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Simple Tweaks to Your Search Engine Marketing Strategy for Laymen

Many of the tips that are given for an effective SEM strategy are often beyond the technical capabilities of a normal website owner, who perhaps just hired an SEO company to do some light optimisation.

Factors Affecting Google+ Local Search Engine Marketing

The release of Google Plus’s Local Search feature was to many websites a sign of a completely new era in local search engine marketing. One in which a commerce websites no longer had to compete with gigantic international ones for a high ranking in the SERP. All they had to do now was have a Google Places listing and be close to searcher.

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4 Reasons Most Guaranteed Search Engine Placement Ads Lie

If you’re a webmaster, you likely receive dozen of emails each month from SEO companies or individual consultants who promise to take your websites ranking to number one in the search engine results. They often even offer a money back guarantee if you don’t get the results you want.

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Finding Categories In Google Places

With the recent focus on Google Places and local search optimisation, one of the most important aspects of optimising for local search it to create a Google Places listing for your business.

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