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4 Tips to an Effective Business Blog

well over ten years later, blogs are still one of the only ways to create a distinguishable identity and authorship on the internet, which social networks struggle to achieve with their standardised format.

Small Things That Drastically Affect SEO

Most people who have done the smallest amount of research on organic SEO know all the basic mantras and their importance. You will likely know that content is king and that you should use relevant keywords in moderation, build links with respected websites and that meta- data is becoming less important.

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Bad SEO Practices

As websites fight to get noticed on the rankings, we can understand why many webmasters may make use of unethical search engine optimisation practices to get ahead.

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SEO Keywords & SEO Content Tools

The average SEO results optimised site has shown that, if 5000 visitors arrive via the search engines, 4000 different keyphrases will have been used to find the site. Which words should you use?

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