We don’t believe that any SEO company can honestly guarantee a first place result. And so we don’t even try. Instead, what we promise is that if you use SEO Results for your search engine optimisation, we’ll improve your search engine rankings for the relevant keywords.

And if we don’t, we’ll give you your money back.

We could promise you first page results, because we’re very good at getting them. But in SEO, there are no guarantees. And there’s always the chance that what worked today, won’t work tomorrow. So if you want to improve your rankings, speak to us.

The fact that your rankings will greatly improve is guaranteed. Search engine placement is a complex process though, and we’re too honest to claim that you’ll have a guaranteed 1st place ranking for your keyword. SEO doesn’t work that way, we know it, and we want you to know it too.

There are plenty of companies that claim it does. They’re probably also companies with long and complicated contracts and loop holes. Not us. We’re honest about what we can achieve, and we’re honest about what we can’t guarantee for sure. So we guarantee that you’ll improve if you stick to it for a few months.

Please note that terms and conditions apply to the money back guarantee. Check out our terms & conditions here.

Month To Month Contracts

It’s always been our belief that it should be results that form the basis for lasting relationships with our clients, and not long contracts.

Too many SEO companies tie you into a long contract, with questionable deliverables, and then you’re caught whether they do what they promised or not.

Not SEO Results though.

With our month to month contracts, you can cancel your SEO Results services with only 1 calendar months notice. No long contracts, no termination fees.

If you’re not getting SEO results, there’s no need to feel locked into your deal with us. If our reporting shows that the SEO packages aren’t working for you, it’s really easy to stop them.

Because above all, we want you to be satisfied by your SEO results.