The ultimate search engine optimisation report, the Supply & Demand Report is our pride and joy. We’ve put 100’s of hours into developing this report, to create the most comprehensive SEO report possible.

At R22,800+VAT, this is a report for companies that are really serious about search engine optimisation.

Understand Your Competitors

  • Who are your competitors for specific keywords?
  • What is your competition doing online?
  • Which of your competitors use SEO, and which use paid advertising?
  • Which of your competitors gets the most visitors?
  • Who’s the best optimised in your industry?
  • Which sites are the most credible, and why?

Understand Your Online Marketing Needs

  • What marketing will work best for you – SEO, or Google Advertising?
  • What it will cost you to advertise effectively on Google?
  • How much business could you get from Google?
  • What is your industry worth to Google on a yearly basis?
  • What would your cost per click (CPC) be for Google advertising?
  • Which keywords should you be advertising for?
  • Which keywords will give you the best R.O.I?
  • Which keywords are the best to optimise for?
  • Why does one page optimise better than another?

Find out all this and more with the Supply & Demand Report, & over 500 pages of optimisation-related data. Simply fill out the form below, and one of our consultants will contact you.