As you’ll probably have figured out if you’ve gotten this far into the site, in-bound links from authoritative, credible sites are a key factor in your search engine rankings.

A big percentage of the ranking factors are based on links that point to your site. But that’s only half the story.

The other part of ranking factors are based on your site itself. This ranges from how quickly your site loads, to the quality and relevance of the content on your site. Which brings us to SEO articles and content.

The Importance Of SEO Content

Content, as web marketing people like to say, is king. If your site is poor in content, then search engines probably aren’t going to pay much attention to you, even if you have some good links pointing to your site. And the reason is simple. Search engines know that what people are looking for most of the time is information. And it’s the content of your site that provides information to your visitors.

In order to cater for both your visitors and search engines, your site content should be just as search engine friendly as it is visitor friendly. That means a couple of things.

Unique Content Is Crucial

One of the big drives behind the most recent Google algorithm update was an attempt to reduce the amount of duplicate content on the web. Because content is so important, lots of people were using article directories (which provide free content) to add content to their sites. This meant that a lot of people had the same content, and Google couldn’t work out which was original, and which were merely copies. The Panda update made a big dent in the value of article directories though, and these days, putting content on your site that other sites also have can actively harm your rankings.

Optimised Content

Once upon a time, search engine friendly content meant keywords. Lots of keywords. There were so many keywords in content, that there wasn’t room for the content. Now days, that’s a fast track to disaster. Keyword stuffing is actively frowned upon by search engines, and they look out for it.

So what is optimised content these days? Simple. It’s content that is about the topic, without attempting to manipulate search engines. Well written SEO articles are self-optimising. By virtue of the fact that the article is about a specific topic, it should naturally contain the words that are relevant to the topic.

Gradually, over time, (because SEO is never a quick fix), well written content that’s relevant to your site will improve your optimisation for the keywords it’s built around, as well as your sites overall credibility.

SEO Articles From SEO Results

As one of our services, we offer professionally written SEO articles for clients to add to their site. Our articles are all unique, well written and relevant to the theme or topic of your site. No duplicate content, no spun articles, (a terrible method where people write an article, then use software to substitute words creating a “new” articles), and no keyword stuffing.

Just original, well-written articles on the topic of your site that will help build your site credibility, provide fresh content for indexing, and improve your chances of ranking for the topic of that article.

Contact us today to find out more about our SEO articles, and how well-written, relevant content can help your site.