The following Terms & Conditions apply to any Agreement with SEO Results for the purposes of improving search engine rankings for specific keywords.

1. Money Back Guarantee

1.1: SEO Results undertakes to improve the search engine rankings of a client in terms of a specific, pre-determined keyword.

1.2: In the event that the client’s website does not receive a higher search engine ranking for the specified keyword than the position for which the website ranked prior to the commencement of the agreement, SEO Results undertakes to return in full all monies paid by the client to achieve such end.

1.3: In order to qualify for this guarantee, the client agrees to accept and implement all recommendations made by SEO Results regarding the Client website.

1.4: In order to qualify for this guarantee, the Client agrees to accept the keyword identified by SEO Results for the purposes of optimisation.

1.5: The Client accepts that the terms of this guarantee shall remain in force for three (3) months. The Client further accepts that, subsequent to an elapse of three (3) months, the guarantee will no longer be in force.

1.6: In order to qualify for the guarantee, all recommended changes must be made to the site as specified.

1.7: This guarantee applies only to the MQ30, MQ70 & MQ120 monthly link packages. Once-off link packages are not included in the guarantee.

1.8: The amount for which SEO Results is liable to the Client in respect of this guarantee shall be limited to the amount paid by the Client to SEO Results for the respective package.

1.9: For the purposes of this guarantee, the term “improvement” shall be defined as an increase in the ranking of a website for a particular search term or keyword on (Pages From South Africa) compared to the ranking of that website for the specified keyword or phrase at the time of signature of the quote.

2. General Terms & Conditions

2.1 All SEO articles are supplied “as is.” Modifications to these articles if required will be carried out by the Client. Links in SEO articles must remain unchanged.

2.2 All recommendations made by SEO Results are our own recommendations, based on established best practices and our own experience.

2.3 Clients make use of the services of SEO Results at their own risk.

2.4 SEO Results reserves the right to remove Client links in the event of non-payment of any amounts due, owing and payable to the Company.

2.5 SEO Results cannot be held liable for the actions of third parties under any circumstances, including but not limited to the plagiarism of articles written by SEO Results on behalf of the Client, in the event that such articles are copied and used elsewhere on the internet.

2.6 All SEO Results articles are unique, original content, written for the sole use of the Client, and containing up to 3 links to contextually relevant, non-competitive websites for the purposes of search engine optimisation.

2.7 SEO Results is a product of Net Age, and as such, any Agreement between the Client and SEO Results shall be governed not only by these Terms and Conditions, but by the Terms and Conditions of Net Age.

3. Re-Sellers

3.1 SEO Results accepts no responsibility for the actions or claims of any re-seller of SEO Results products.

3.2 Any agreement entered into between a Client and a re-seller shall remain an agreement between that re-seller and the Client, and SEO Results shall have no involvement in, or responsibility for, such agreements.